March 12-16, 2018

Thirteenth Annual Workshop

Spring Break is quickly approaching! You should have received your personalized class schedule. You are expected to attend all classes in which you've been confirmed. As the workshop approaches, please make sure that you have prepared all material for your master classes and mock audition...

Master Classes:
  • Please prepare a 1-2 minute selection of your choice. Something you love to sing. And dress presentably.

  • Students enrolled in the Pop/Rock Master Class should prepare the approved song from their assigned genre.

  • Students enrolled in the "Connecting with your Music" Master Class should dress in comfortable clothing that you can move in. (Not audition attire!)
Mock Audition:
  • Please dress as you would for a real audition. Because of our tight schedule, you may want to underdress your dance clothes (and the panelists will be made aware of this).

  • Prepare a 16-32 bar cut of your choice. (the length will be strictly enforced by our accompanist). If you'd prefer to do a 30-45 second monologue instead of singing, you may do so. (Please make us aware ahead of time)

  • For the dance audition, women should wear heels and men should wear character shoes. (Sneakers are fine if that is the choice they would like to make.)
Dance Classes:
  • Mean Girls:
    Both men and women should wear sneakers/tennis shoes, and wear any clothing you feel comfortable wearing. (You probably won’t want to be in any type of leotard or tights situation, it’s contemporary hip hop movement).
  • Carousel:
    Men should wear jazz shoes (or shoes you can turn in).
    Women should wear heels if they feel comfortable dancing in them.

  • The Greatest Showman:
    Be prepared for anything... bring sneakers ... ladies, heels if you want... maybe barefoot... we will play.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    Sneakers. If ladies want to wear heelps, they may.

  • More information will be posted here as we get it...

Please visit our Schedule page for information about the Monday Night Welcome Party & Tuesday Night Cabaret Concert! You can follow us on FacebookTwitter and feel free to email with any questions or concerns.

Studio Location

Pearl Studios - Studio 1214
12th Floor
500 Eighth Avenue
(between 35th & 36th St.)

You will be required to show ID or sign in when entering the building. Please allow a little extra time for this. From there, the elevators to the 12th floor are located around the corner to the left (do not use the elevators behind the security desk).


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