See You Next Month!

Studio Location

Pearl Studios - Studio 412
4th Floor
500 Eighth Avenue
(between 35th & 36th St.)

You will be required to show ID or sign in when entering the building. Please allow a little extra time for this. From there, the elevators to the 4th floor are located around the corner to the left (do not use the elevators behind the security desk).


Monday Night Mixer

Please plan to arrive to NYC in time for the madatory Check-in / Orientation - Monday, March 14th at 5pm. Then we invite you to stick around for the OCUNYC Student / Alumni Mixer at Hurley's Saloon. You'll celebrate with friends and get to know alumni living in NYC! There will be FREE APPETIZERS and a cash bar. (As this is still a university-affiliated function, no student drinking allowed.)

Monday, March 14th, 5:00-8:00

Hurley's Saloon - 3rd Floor
232 W 48th Street
(Btw 8th & bway)


The Spirit of the Workshop

Above anything else, we are a safe space. We invite you to go beyond what's comfortable and to challenge yourself to grow in an environment of support and encouragement. Our faculty understands that there are many levels represented and they come to us with the sole purpose of helping you work to your maximim potential. No one is grading you. No one is judging you. So put yourself out there to try something new, especially if it's scary or uncomfortable.

You will hear many opinions throughout the course of the workshop. Some may contradict each other, or even what you're told at school. That's okay. We encourage you to respect all opinions, take them all into consideration, and retain those that help you.

We hope to expose you to as many aspects of living and working in NYC as possible. Be prepared with questions and take advantage of the time you have with our teachers, alumni volunteers, etc.

In the spirit of the week, we ask that everyone take part in every class. If you must leave to go to the rest room, do so quitely and be respectful of people auditioning in the other studios. If you are auditing, please do not contribute unless invited to do so.


What to Prepare

  • Vocal Master Class:
    prepare a 1-2 minute selection, something you love to sing
  • Mock Audition:
    16-32 bars of something you love to sing
    (may use the same song you work on in the Master Class, or you're welcome to sing something different)
    As an alternative to singing in the Mock Audition, you may instead perform a short monologue (30 seconds) if you'd prefer.


What to Bring

  • Headshots:
    All participants must bring 5 Headshot & Resumes stapled together.
    Seniors should bring an additional two (7 total) and please indicate your graduation date by writing "Available as of" at the top of your resume.
  • Dress/Attire:
    There will be a lot of sitting on the floor so we suggest you wear something comfortable most of the time.
    • Vocal Master Classes
      Dress presentably. If you are singing in Jen Waldman's master class, you should dress in something comfortable you can move in.
    • Mock Audition
      Dress as you would for an audition. You will be given 5-10 minutes to change before we begin.

Dance Shoes:

  • Fiddler on the Roof
    All: sneakers or jazz shoes
  • Finding Neverland
    All: sneakers or jazz shoes
  • Hamilton
    All: sneakers
  • Holiday Inn
    Men: tap shoes
    Women: high-heel taps preferred
  • Mock Audition
    Women: Heels and flats
  • In General:
    Please bring as little as possible, as space is at a premium and valuables cannot be secured.
  • Food/Snacks:
    Be aware that there are no meal breaks in the schedule, so we ask that you bring snacks or a lunch. You are welcome to eat food during the lecture courses & master classes. Just please be quite and clean.



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